List Building Definitions – Glossary of Terms

When you start learning about building a subscriber’s list or an email marketing list, there are lots of terms that get thrown around and I figured you might like one place where you could go to get list building definitions for all the words associated with list building.  The goal of this page is to make the List Building easier to understand and get you up to speed quickly in terms of Internet Marketing vocabulary.  If you want to know more, be sure to sign up for our email list and get the COMPLETE List Building Secrets for Speakers package.


List Building Definitions
Your Glossary of List Building Terms:

Affiliate Marketing: Using Your List to sell other people’s products or, the other way around, getting other people to affiliate with you and sell your products to their lists.  This is a great way to not only sell your products but it can also grow your list substantially.  Learn more in our program, List Building Secrets for Speakers.  Subscribe to our list to get the full package for free.

AutoResponder:  Sometimes used in reference to the provider of an AutoResponder Service (see below) or as a single email in an AutoResponder Series, as in “Set up your AutoResponder [email] using as your AutoResponder [service].”

AutoResponder Series:  These are a series of emails sent whenever someone subscribes to your list.  These emails are typically sent by your AutoResponder Service.

AutoResponder Service:  This is a service that will send emails to your list.  Examples include, or  These services also help you manage your subscriber list(s).

Double Opt-in:  This is when a subscriber submits their information on your site (single opt-in) and then must confirm that they want to be a subscriber, usually by clicking on a link in an email automatically sent by your AutoResponder service.  The idea is that this ensures that 1) the person really wants to be on your list and 2) it is a real person with a real email address and not just a “robot” or program that signs up for anything.  [Yes, the robot or “spider” programs do exist and they are crawling the web all the time looking for information or signups to get into.]

Email Marketing List: See Subscriber List.

Ezine:  This is another word for an “electronic magazine” or an electronically delivered newsletter.  This might be something that you would send on a regular basis to your subscriber list.

Landing Page:  A webpage designed for a specific purpose with specific information based on the expected visitors to the page.  You may have a landing page for your main topic and separate landing pages for other topics.  For other variations on the idea of a Landing Page, see also “Squeeze Page” or “Sales Page”.

Privacy Policy:  In the simplest terms, it says that you won’t share the information you gather with 3rd parties.  There are ways to make this as complicated as you want (just get a lawyer involved) but the simple answer is to say you are serious about the privacy of your subscribers and back that up with action and integrity.  And check with a lawyer just to be safe !

Squeeze Page: This is different from a Landing Page because there is typically very little information offered on a Squeeze Page.  The only action that a visitor can take on a Squeeze Page is to sign up for your list.

Sales Page:  This is similar to a Landing Page with the distinction that a Sales Page is designed to give a visitor every reason to make a purchase RIGHT NOW.  There are “Long Form” Sales pages which go on and on (with opportunities to “BUY NOW” or “Add to Cart” along the way) and include Testimonials, Calls-to-Action and much more.

SPAM – Unwanted emails.  You want to avoid being considered a sender of “spam” emails at all costs since most reputable email services that you will use do not want to get their other emails “blocked” as spam.  It is better to have a person unsubscribe than have them mark your emails as spam.

Subscriber List:  A database of people who have signed up to receive emails from you in the future.  They may sign up for your Giveaway Offer or because they like the information you provide on your site.  They may also Unsubscribe at any time since each email you send must have an “unsubscribe” link.  Also known as an Email List or Email Marketing List since the key bit of information is the person’s email address.  Also known as Opt-in List since a subscriber “opts-in” to being on your list.  See also Double Opt-in.

Upsell or Upsell Offer:  When you offer another, usually more expensive, product to someone who has either purchased one of your products or signed up for your list.  This offer is usually a “one time offer” and has been shown to be very effective in generating sales by internet marketers.

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List Building for Speakers

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There is still a load of incredible content for you to read at the links below … and if you would like to see this type of information as a video training course or even as a live Speaker-Training event, please let us know in the comments.

We are always working on new ways to help our customers grow their speaking business and list building is an important part of your success.


List Building Secrets – Module 1

Starting from Scratch


  • Why Build a List?
  • WordPress Basics Video Training

    WordPress Basic – Multi-part Video Training program is included here as a FREE BONUS just for signing up !

  • Glossary of List Building Terms
  • Choosing the Best Autoresponder for Speakers
  • How to Send Emails to Your List
  • Why your Signature Matters
  • Avoiding Spam at all costs
  • Integrating List Signups into your site (locations + pop up / plugin)
  • Designing Your Giveaway(s)
  • The “One Time” Offer
  • Building Traffic
  • Best WordPress Plugin for SEO
  • Can’t Buy Happiness through OPL


List Building Secrets – Module 2
Engagement thru Great Content


List Building Secrets – Module 3
TurboCharge Your List Growth

  • Video-ize Your Content
  • Reasons why others will send to their list for you
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • How to get JV partners
  • Building Your List from the Stage
  • Outsourcing
  • Resources


Just a reminder:
I’m sure you have noticed that some of the bullets above do not have active links (yet).  Rather than wait until everything was perfect, we figured we would get what we have to you as quickly as possible.  We are working on filling up this program so we encourage you to start wherever you like and check back on this page often to get more great content.

Now… List Building Made Super-Simple:

Do you want a simpler way to build your list?  You could let gps-SpeakerMarketing “Do it For You”.  Certainly all the information above is great but what if you had a partner who would help you get things done in half the time that it would take you to learn all this?  While the List Building Secrets are good to know…  if you are an expert in your chosen area, the real question is “Do you really need to be an expert in List Building?”  The answer, is NO.

Why did gps-SpeakerMarketing “spill the beans” and tell me all the insider secrets of List Building if they were going to do it for me?  The answer is simple… we find that a knowledgeable customer is a more successful customer and we are dedicated to your success.  Plus, if you find that the information we provide is useful, the chances are better that you will come back to us when you have a question or are looking for something to take you to the Next Level.  List Building is just one building block of a successful speaking business and we are here to help you put all of the pieces together.  To learn more, just send me an email via and we can get the ball rolling.


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The Skeptic

We all encounter The Skeptic at one point or another.  They might be a customer who doesn’t believe you (or your product) can do what you claim.  They might believe that they don’t need it.  They could be focusing on alternatives to what you are proposing that they consider “OK” or “good enough”.  Or they might just not like your approach or style.  You can’t seem to develop any rapport with them.

What do you do with a Skeptic?

How do you get through to this person or audience or customer?  Before you do anything, check to make sure that they really do need whatever it is that you are selling.  Ask questions to find out their needs and desires.  Maybe there is a good reason why they are turned off or skeptical about your offering.

If you are convinced that what you have would benefit them, it is your responsibility to help them see your point of view.

Get In Their Mind

Start by engaging their imagination.  “Imagine how your life would be with…”  “How might this benefit you?”  As you paint a possible picture, they will likely offer you feedback on how the picture matches their current reality and how it doesn’t.  Each bit of information can help you shape a picture where they can see the value of your offer.

Because THEY said so

Second, bring in some third party credibility.  Tell a story about someone who used your product or service and became a raving fan.  Perhaps they were in a situation similar to your skeptic friend.  Testimonials can carry weight with potential customers and should cultivated whenever possible.

Us vs. Them

Third, get on their side.  Understand where they are coming from so that you can build a path to where you are.  What are they really objecting to and why?  What are they thinking will happen?  If you are on their side, it will be easier for them to connect with you and build a mutual understanding.

Why bother with the Skeptic?

While it takes more work to convince a skeptic, it can be incredibly worthwhile.  Once convinced, they may become your biggest fan.  Not to mention that the effort and preparation you put into connecting with skeptical customers or audiences will make you even more effective when dealing with less skeptical audiences.

Remember, some skeptic people will buy now (your effort turned them around), others will buy later (keep them on your list) and some won’t buy at all.  Keep putting your message out there and don’t worry about the skeptical ones.  Business is a numbers game so even if you strike out once in a while, it just means you are one step closer to hitting a home run.

Bottom line, don’t let the Skeptic get inside your mind and take your focus away from people who love what you have to offer.


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5 Star Goal Setting and Getting

Dave Wheeler of gps-SpeakerMarketing.comMost people are either bored by goal setting and have “heard it all before” or they are new to goal setting so they are wondering if it really works.  Which camp are you in?  Bored or New?

Guess what… it doesn’t matter because if you read the rest of this article you will learn how to take the excitement you got when you got a gold star on your homework back in grade school with a simple, easy-to-follow process for achieving real-life results.  Are you ready?  Let’s go !


d.Mark Wheeler’s
5 Star Goal Setting (and Goal-Getting) Game

We call it a game even though it could also be called a “process” because a game sounds more fun than a process.  Life is too short to not have fun while being productive, don’t you think?


You may already be a winner !

goal setting - 5 star circleI like to say there are two approaches to life… winners and whiners.  Which are you?  If you have a positive attitude and believe anything is possible, you will be a winner.  It doesn’t matter where you start, you will win.  If all you do is complain about what’s wrong in your life, that’s all you will ever get.  Whiners never win … so think twice before complaining about your lack of goal setting / getting in your life.

Now that we have addressed the right attitude, let’s see where you are within the 5 Star (or 5 Step) Goal Setting process.  Each of the questions below are designed to determine which level you are at within d.Mark Wheeler’s 5 Star Goal Setting & Getting game.  Another way to look at it is “How many stars you have earned already?”.  (More about the stars later.)

The first star …
a well defined GOAL

goal-setting-goalDo you currently have a clearly defined goal?  Can you describe it in 10 words or less?  If you can describe it concisely, the odds are you are clearer on the goal than if you have to use a page to describe it.  Maybe you have multiple goals and are spread too thin.  What is your number one goal?  Is it written down somewhere that you will see it every day?  (Now might be a good time to download the dMark Wheeler’s pdf handout for 5 Star Goal Setting & Getting.)


The second star …
a PLAN to reach your goal

Goal Setting Star 2 planDo you have a PLAN with detailed steps to take your from where you are all the way to the achievement of your goal?  What are the next 3 steps?  When are you going to achieve them?  A plan without the time element is like boats floating in the ocean.  They are unlikely to go anywhere that you want.  They will be taken by the tide or existing currents and unless you take control of your own destiny, you will dragged along with someone else’s goals (which may not be much fun for you).


The third star…
clearly set PRIORITIES

GoalSetting-Star3-prioritiesDo you set (and work to) a clear set of priorities?  Steven Covey in his classic book, “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People” gave us the idea of working “First things First”.  In other words, putting your effort towards the activities that are the most important while leaving lower priorities to later (or never) will help you make progress toward your goals and reduce the temptation of “feeling busy” without actually achieving your goals.


The fourth star …

Goal Setting Star 4Have you overcome an obstacle related to your plan in the past 30 days?  What was it?  What did you change to overcome this obstacle?  The reason this is part of the Goal Setting & Getting Game is that nearly every worthwhile goal involves overcoming something.  If there is no challenge to the goal, then how valuable is it?  If you are just starting out with goals, perhaps the only obstacle you face is following the process but as you get better at goal setting (and getting) you will certainly try for bigger and more audacious goals.  In the book, “Built To Last” by Jerry Poiras & Jim Collins, they talk about how the best, most successful companies set BHAGS… “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” that inspire them to strive to achieve them and overcome obstacles.

Obstacles are only obstacles if you let them stop you.  If you find a way around, under, over or through them, they are called “Stepping Stones”, Milestones or merely “Stumbling Blocks”.  Remember… it is OK to stumble as long as you get up and never give up.

The skills you develop by overcoming obstacles will help you overcome other obstacles down the road.  You get better by facing and embracing your challenges, not avoiding them by quitting.


5star-StepUp-Goal SettingThe fifth star …
Step Up !

You achieved your goal.  Now what?  Set a new, bigger, more impressive goal.  Step up to a new challenge and use the confidence and skills you earned from your previous goal to take on another, higher goal.  Maybe you can do it faster… or cheaper … or make more money.  The choice is yours.  Celebrate your success but don’t get stuck on it.  You grow based on the goals you set for yourself so set a new goal.

The process (or game) never ends.  Enjoy the journey and keep on climbing.  The view from one peak will show you the next one for you to conquer.


Now that you understand the
5 Star Goal Setting & Getting Game …

Where do you stand?

Are you at the beginning where you haven’t really decided on a goal?  Or do you have a goal but not a plan?  (Star 2)  Maybe you have a goal & a plan, but you are not working your priorities (Star 3).  Or do you have all that but are stuck because of an obstacle in your path?  (Star 4)   Maybe you are great at goal setting and goal getting but have you challenged yourself to a new level of achievement? (Star 5)  Think of it as a game… and give yourself the stars that you deserve while earning more stars with every goal.  Leave a comment below to tell the world how many stars you have !  Your story could inspire someone else to become a 5 Star Winner too !


The Next Million Dollar Speaker – it could be YOU !

Next Million Dollar SpeakerWhat does it take to be “The Next Million Dollar Speaker“(tm)? Here at our goal is to identify the Next Million Dollar Speaker and help them achieve that designation.


First, we can help you determine if you have what it takes to bring your professional speaking business to the Million Dollar Level.  Our application is simple.  Just submit your name & email address to the link below and we will send you an email with the simple application questionnaire.  It is very short but your answers to the questions are critical if you are going to be “The Next Million Dollar Speaker” !

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Is Dave Wheeler a Million Dollar Speaker?

Dave Wheeler of

Full Disclosure:  No, Dave Wheeler is not personally a Million Dollar Speaker.  His focus is, and always has been, on understanding the speaking industry, development of speakers and marketing.  He has an MBA in marketing and has helped many exceptional speakers grow their speaking businesses.  He is constantly studying current and past Million Dollar Speakers and his knowledge will be a valuable addition to your speaking business team.


Press/Media Contact for
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Speaking Schedule for
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Organization: Hartford Springfield Speakers Network meeting Date: October 5, 2013 Time: 9am – 12noon Location: Holiday Inn, 1 Bright Meadow Boulevard, Enfield, CT RSVP: group Cost for attendees:  $25

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Additional speeches will be scheduled soon.

If you have an audience of speakers or anyone who might be interested in learning about what it takes to become “The Next Million Dollar Speaker”, please contact Dave Wheeler via the contact info above to find out his availability for the coming months.