The Skeptic

We all encounter The Skeptic at one point or another.  They might be a customer who doesn’t believe you (or your product) can do what you claim.  They might believe that they don’t need it.  They could be focusing on alternatives to what you are proposing that they consider “OK” or “good enough”.  Or they might just not like your approach or style.  You can’t seem to develop any rapport with them.

What do you do with a Skeptic?

How do you get through to this person or audience or customer?  Before you do anything, check to make sure that they really do need whatever it is that you are selling.  Ask questions to find out their needs and desires.  Maybe there is a good reason why they are turned off or skeptical about your offering.

If you are convinced that what you have would benefit them, it is your responsibility to help them see your point of view.

Get In Their Mind

Start by engaging their imagination.  “Imagine how your life would be with…”  “How might this benefit you?”  As you paint a possible picture, they will likely offer you feedback on how the picture matches their current reality and how it doesn’t.  Each bit of information can help you shape a picture where they can see the value of your offer.

Because THEY said so

Second, bring in some third party credibility.  Tell a story about someone who used your product or service and became a raving fan.  Perhaps they were in a situation similar to your skeptic friend.  Testimonials can carry weight with potential customers and should cultivated whenever possible.

Us vs. Them

Third, get on their side.  Understand where they are coming from so that you can build a path to where you are.  What are they really objecting to and why?  What are they thinking will happen?  If you are on their side, it will be easier for them to connect with you and build a mutual understanding.

Why bother with the Skeptic?

While it takes more work to convince a skeptic, it can be incredibly worthwhile.  Once convinced, they may become your biggest fan.  Not to mention that the effort and preparation you put into connecting with skeptical customers or audiences will make you even more effective when dealing with less skeptical audiences.

Remember, some skeptic people will buy now (your effort turned them around), others will buy later (keep them on your list) and some won’t buy at all.  Keep putting your message out there and don’t worry about the skeptical ones.  Business is a numbers game so even if you strike out once in a while, it just means you are one step closer to hitting a home run.

Bottom line, don’t let the Skeptic get inside your mind and take your focus away from people who love what you have to offer.


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