Speaker One Sheet Online Workshop

This is what you get when you purchase Dave Wheeler’s Speaker One Sheet Online Workshop

Speaker One Sheet Online Workshop

4 videos from the Speaker One Sheet LIVE Workshop

Dave Wheeler’s Speaker One Sheet Online Workshop includes a video of his keynote workshop divided into 4 videos to make it easier to watch.

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Audio file of the LIVE Workshop 

The full video is also converted to an audio file so you can listen to the workshop while you drive, although it is obviously better with the visual elements since Dave reviews a number of sample Speaker One Sheets as part of the workshop.

Sample Speaker One Sheet Design ideas




Sample Speaker One Sheets

A bunch of speaker one sheets are included as samples to give you ideas for your own speaker one sheet.


Speaker One Sheet Checklist

A listing of all the things you will want to gather before before creating your 1 sheet. This preparation alone will save you money (more about that later on this page).

Speaker one sheet checklist



Speaker One Sheet “brochure”

This is the trifold brochure that shows all the ideas / content that Dave presented in the workshop.


Speaker One Sheet “Notes Sheet” (handout)

Similar to the brochure, this Notes Sheet has key questions for you to consider while you watch the video of the workshop. It is also the handout that was given to participants of the live workshop.


$50 BONUS (Seriously!)

Hard to believe, but you might actually MAKE MONEY by purchasing this program because there is a $50 bonus at the end of video #4. This is the same bonus that was given out at the LIVE event and since the Online Workshop only costs $45, you might just come out ahead !


What more could you ask for?

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Get started today and build the Speaker One Sheet which will help you get more speaking gigs!

Speaker One Sheet – Design for success

Dave Wheeler of gps-SpeakerMarketing.comYour Speaker One Sheet is a marketing tool that shows prospective clients what you have to offer as a speaker and, if done right, convinces them to hire you.

While a one sheet is an important tool in your marketing toolbox, it is only one of many that are critical to the success of a professional speaker’s business. Other key tools include your website, business cards, demo video(s) and testimonials.

I look forward to working with you to create an amazing Speaker One Sheet and a thriving speaking business.
– d. Mark Wheeler
Founder, www.gps-SpeakerMarketing.com


Before you get started on your Speaker One Sheet…

Every successful speaker has a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). They strive to be the best in a clearly defiined niche or segment of the speaking market.

Motherhood & Apple Pie don’t stand out
Unless you are bringing something of unique value to your target audience, why should they hire you? Saying the same old lines that they already know is a recipe for low fees and even worse… no repeat gigs.

Generic Speaker = low price
If you do the same as everyone else, you will end up competing on price. The good news is that if you can set yourself apart, you charge almost anything you want. The only limit is your customer’s budget.

The Best get paid
Some speakers may argue that a top “motivational speaker” gets paid lots of money so why can’t someone with less skill make a proportionally lower (but still good) fee? This might sound a little counter-intuitive but the answer is that even the top motivational speaker has developed a niche. They are “the best”. In what area or topic will you be “the best”?

Know your Angle… build the one sheet.
By figuring out how you are different from other speakers and the value you bring to your target audience members, the task of creating your one sheet becomes much easier.

Every speaker evolves
Don’t worry about making a perfect one sheet the first time. There is no such thing. Until you are making as much money as you want and have more speaking gigs than you can fit in your schedule, there is always room for improvement. Get feedback from every customer and adapt your speeches, programs and marketing (including your one sheet) to meet the needs of your audience. The better you meet their needs, the more you can charge.

OK, Let’s Get Started on your Speaker One Sheet

First comes… Content Development:

Here are the important pieces of content you will want to think about as part of your one sheet.

– Start with Headlines & Taglines
These are the things that the reader will see first and they need to capture the attention of your target customer or your one sheet will be passed over. You need to stand out !

– Dig up some Key Quotes to feature
If you have a message that can be presented as a short quote, this is another way to get the attention of your prospective customer.

– Testimonials
You can also include images from testimonial videos that you have on your website. These can be positioned next to action shots or quotes

– Program(s) / Keynote Speeches
Focus on BENEFITS to your target audience or the person who will hire you. Don’t quote features or buzzwords that only mean something to you.


– Images
Must be at least 300dpi at the size they will be used. If you have a 300dpi image and you want to enlarge it for your one sheet it will become blurry. This is rarely a problem with today’s cameras but it is something you should be aware of as you gather images for your one sheet, especially action shots of you on stage.

– Speaker One Sheet Checklist.
We considered asking for your email address before giving you the link to download the Speaker One Sheet Checklist, but we figured you would sign up eventually and it is probably better to get you going as soon as possible so here is the link to download the Speaker One Sheet Checklist. Right Click the link and “Save As” onto your computer.

Now The Fun part… Style & Layout

Sample Speaker One Sheet Design ideas

When you are picking a style or layout of your speaker one sheet, consider the following.
– Brand-related

– Colors / Images
– Feel of your website
– Sample Speaker One Sheets. There are loads of them online, but here are a few to give you ideas.

Now do it !
[or have us do it for you]


Our sales pitch is included below…
[if you read to the bottom that’s where you will find pricing for our Speaker One Sheet development services … and how you can get a discount.]

Do you have all the marketing tools of a professional speaker?

* Speaker Website
* Demo Video
* Testimonial Videos
* Marketing Materials
– Business Cards
– Standup Banners
– Speaker One Sheet

These are the tools that help show prospective customers that you are a professional speaker. If you are a great speaker but you don’t have a website, video of you speaking and professional marketing materials, it will be hard to be taken seriously.

gps-SpeakerMarketing.com can help !

We work with speakers to take their marketing materials, videos and website to the next level of professionalism. Whether you need graphic design, video editing or website setup or overhaul, we can help.

Call today

or send an email to

Speaker One Sheet Development Pricing:
We charge between $500 to $1000 for most speaker one sheets that we create for clients. The higher end of the range includes copywriting, editing and, in some cases, extensive graphics work. The lower end of the range is typically when a client has all the elements needed for their one sheet (see the Speaker One Sheet Checklist), all the text for the one sheet and a clear idea of what they want, e.g. style, layout, etc. Give us a call or send an email to us today for a free 30 minute consultation. Once we know where you are in the speaker marketing process, we can create a custom plan and provide a detailed quote for your speaker one sheet as well as other services you might need.



gps-Speaker Mastermind Group

Speaker Mastermind Group Sold OUtSign up NOW so you are on the list for the next time slots become available.  First come, first served to take your speaking business and professional image to the NEXT LEVEL !


What to expect as part of the gps-Speaker Mastermind Group:

  • Group Calls at least once per month.

These calls focus on common challenges facing the group.  Past topics included Business Model Review, Importance of Keywords and much more.  Another feature of the group calls is the “Hot Seat” where one of the members presents a challenge they are facing so they can benefit from the combined wisdom of the group.  Often this “3rd Party Perspective” can cut through the clutter and deliver some amazing insights for the person with the challenge.

  • Guest Experts / Subject-matter Experts

While gps-SpeakerMarketing.com has quite a bit of expertise when it comes to Marketing for Speakers, there are other experts out there who may specialize in a particular aspect of the speaking business or have some experience that would benefit the Mastermind group.  These experts will be brought in for interviews and/or interaction with the Mastermind group.  This way you will benefit from a wider pool of expertise as well as some of the latest techniques in the world of speaker marketing.

  • One-on-One Consulting / Marketing-MBA level Coaching

As part of the gps-Speaker Mastermind group you will have access to a one-on-one consulting / coaching sessions with Dave Wheeler, Founder of gps-SpeakerMarketing.com.  He will help you implement your Marketing Plan and while there may be some costs associated with certain projects, e.g. printing costs, travel, video creation, you will get the highest discounts possible.


What are they saying about
gps-SpeakerMarketing & the Mastermind Group?

“You could be the best speaker in the world… but if you don’t have a good marketing platform, no one will hear about you and you will never get hired…. I highly recommend gps-SpeakerMarketing.” – Nana Danso, keynote speaker, author of Real Magic and the Believe & Achieve, Take Action Seminars.

“I needed guidance because I didn’t know what I should do for a promotional video, where I should market it or basically what I should do ….[gps-SpeakerMarketing] knew exactly what to do.  He was able to guide me.  I told him what my vision was and he told me the steps I needed to take for it to be successful.  … I am getting rave reviews.” – Heather Hansen O’Neill, Connection Expert, author & keynote speaker


New Members to the gps-Speaker Mastermind Group get a

Personalized Marketing Plan (PMP) which includes…

A personal one-on-one call each month to pull together your PMP and follow up calls, as needed, to keep the plan on track or adjust it as new challenges arise.  The PMP is custom tailored to the needs of each speaker.  Some of the areas that may be covered include…

  • Speaker Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Event Marketing Support
  • Video Marketing
  • List Building Strategies
  • Business Model Review
  • Branding Review
    – color scheme / palette
    – marketing materials (business cards, one-sheet, promotional materials)
  • Website Review / Upgrades
    – Traffic Building / Conversion / Analytics
    – Integration of List Building / Giveaways
    – Branding elements- Navigation / User Experience / Call To Action
    – Keyword Usage / SEO elements
    – Content / Value Proposition


How do I get started?

First, you should sign up so you are on the pre-release list when the gps-Speaker MasterMind slots open up.  It is very possible that any new slots will fill up very quickly based on the interest that has been shown over the past few months and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Assuming that you get one of the open slots, we will schedule a one-on-one “Welcome Call” with you to review your goals for your speaking business and gather some information so we can research and start to review the various elements mentioned above.  Once the review has been done, we will discuss the results with you and work with you to lay out a Personalized Marketing Plan for your speaking business.


How much does it cost?

Good question.  Each time the gps-Speaker Mastermind group has been opened to new members the price has gone up so if you pass on this opportunity, please know that it will likely cost even more the next time a slot opens up for you.  Having said that there are two payment options:

$15,000.00 USD for the full year (12 months)
or $1500 per month if paid monthly.

the first 6 speakers who sign up will be given a discount code so they will only pay $1000 per month (pd.monthly).

EXTRA BONUS for all new members:Speaker Mastermind Group Sold OUt
Your first month will come with a Money Back Guarantee.  That means you get loads of value and if, within the first 30 days, you let us know that it is not for you, then you will get your first month’s payment refunded.  Of course this also means that we are incredibly confident that you will be blown away by everything you get that as part of the gps-Speaker Mastermind Group that you will stay with us and roll out your Personalized Marketing Plan to grow your business.

So there is no reason to not sign up NOW.  By signing up right now, you will be placed on the pre-release list for the gps-Speaker Mastermind group and as soon as the slots open up, you will be sent an email with a link with more information on the next steps.


Value of Video = better events

Value of Video at your eventAs an event planner, have you ever considered what would be the value of video-taping your event and what it could do for you and your organization?

How about creating both a record of your event along with potential video products that the organization could either sell or provide to attendees after the event?

Think about how much more effective your followup after the event would be if you could include a highlight video or two along with your message?  Or even your marketing of the event through video captured at previous events?


The Value of Video for Event Planners  –

Before, During and After

Let’s talk about The Power of Video Before the event…

Short “promo” video clips from each of your speakers are a great way to generate excitement for your event.  The videos don’t need to be long… in fact “short and sweet” should be the way to go and they can be sent out as a series of emails to your members in the months and weeks leading up to the event.

Combine the speaker videos with videos by your event emcee or the leaders of your organization, and you will help potential attendees get a much stronger connection to the event from seeing real, live people instead just words in an email.  A simple video conveys emotion better than text in an email and if you are excited about your event, it will come across in the videos.

Here is a sample video created by gps-SpeakerMarketing.com for a speaker before they appeared at an MPI event…

Video During your event…

Aside from the role of capturing all the action and valuable content provided by the speakers at your event, event video is a wonderful opportunity to generate even more marketing tools.

Feedback Corner is when an area is set up where attendees can provide feedback on the event on video.  Ideally, there should be signage showing where and when the “Feedback Corner” will be running so that attendees can stop by and leave their comments.  This feedback, when it is positive, can be used as an excellent testimonial for future events as well as part of a follow-up campaign to all members of your organization so they can get a feeling for “what they missed” (so they will be more motivated to come the the next event).  Any feedback that is less than positive can be provided to the event organizers or speakers as constructive feedback for improvement.  Again, this type of feedback carries more weight since it is a live person and not just words on an evaluation form.

If some of the feedback is related to a particular speaker (which it likely will be if you ask the right questions and encourage participation), then the speaker could use the video as a testimonial themselves.  This can help the speaker get more speaking gigs and, in many ways, makes your event one that provides greater value !

Event Video Screens are becoming more and more common at events and since they are often networked together, you may even be able to build short video clips into the informational monitors placed around the event.  If you use the testimonial videos, they should be shot to minimize editing and allow a quick turnaround so they can be played at the event.  Video by the organization’s leadership or even upcoming speakers can also be added to event monitors to keep the excitement high.  Again, a video of a real person grabs much more attention than words on a screen!

Below is an example of a testimonial video recorded at an event put on by Heather Hansen O’Neill …

Video After the event…

The raw video that is created at the event can be turned into a wide range of valuable marketing tools through the use of professional editing.

Content Distribution is one way that the videos could be used and possibly generate additional income for the organization.  If you get the proper releases from the speakers, you may be able to edit the video of the speeches and offer them as digital downloads either for free or at a cost to members who missed the event or even the general public, depending on the nature of your event.

Highlight reels are a great way to take the video from an event and by pulling out the best “snippets” from the speakers, provide a video that shows, in a condensed form, the great parts of  your event.  This video can be sent to members of your organization who attended (or those that did not) as a reminder of the great time and valuable information that was provided at your event.  It is also a great video to pull out before your next event to get more attendees signed up !

In Addition… The Value of Video for your Speakers. Speakers are always looking for high quality video of their performances and if your event gives them the opportunity to get it, they will be sure to give everything they have to your audiences.  Be sure to let them know ahead of time that the event will be videotaped and secure the proper video releases from the speakers based on how you intend to use the video.


Conclusion – The Value of Video for your events:

Professionally-captured Video can add substantial value to your next event…before, during and after … but it also requires planning, integration into the agenda of the event as well as a strong, experienced video professional.

To learn more about what you need to know to bring professional video to  your next event, just contact gps-SpeakerMarketing.com at 203-885-0113 or simply leave a comment on this page (we read all comments).  We are happy to talk about what types of video you might want to build into your planning as well as give you a cost-effective quote for the various services we offer.

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Types of Speaker Videos

Below are some examples of the types of speaker videos that gps-SpeakerMarketing.com has done for client speakers.  The power of video is shown by all the different types of videos that are possible as part of Video Marketing campaigns for a speaker.


Subject Matter / Expertise speaker videos

This video, shot on site at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY features Brittany Macleod talking about Social Media for Colleges.  After graduating from Marist, Brittany was able to start her career with a position that leveraged her Social Media expertise.


“Expert Tip” speaker videos

Heather Hansen O’Neill uses short videos that pass along tips on the topics she speaks about for clients. Check out her brief video for her College Leadership customers (and potential customers).


Keynote Speech / Sample Presentation

Note: Very often a speaker does not have the ideal “stage” when they are just starting out and maybe the audience is smaller than you might like, but if your content and delivery are good, then a video can still show the skills you bring to potential customers and future audiences.  These videos also help the speaker start to evaluate what should go into their demo reel which is typically much shorter (2-5 min.). The short video below shows how one speaker turned a clip from their sample presentation into a form of sales or demo video…



Testimonial Videos for speakers

The video below is a testimonial for gps-SpeakerMarketing.com but it shows a sample of a testimonial video.  Here at gps-SpeakerMarketing.com, we have done similar testimonial videos for speakers at events or in the studio and they can be powerful marketing tools that lend credibility in the eyes of potential new customers.


Promo Speaker videos for client events

Want to add more value to clients who hire you to speak?  gps-SpeakerMarketing.com can help you create a brief “event promo video” which you can send to members of your organization or prospective attendees to help get them excited about coming to your event and seeing the featured speaker.  It is a great marketing tool for the event as well as an added value which could move a speaker to the top of the list when it comes to the hiring process.  Check out this example below of a video that we did for Nana Danso prior to him speaking at an event for Meeting Planners International.


Niche-specific Promotional Videos

If there is something you want to say to prospective customers, why not say it directly to them using the power of video.  The video below is a great example of a speaker whose strong energy & branding elements may “overpower a potential customer”, especially if the prospective customer was not expecting the energy and “passion=fire metaphor” that the speaker uses. The video below was designed to address that first impression “head on”, turn it into a positive (which it is) and the video has had impressive results for the speaker.


Raw Video of speeches

Depending on how you plan to use the video (demo reel, presentation sample, speech review for improvement), having a speech professionally videotaped is a great idea.  If you have a large audience, you could get some excellent shots of both them and your speech.  If the whole speech is really good, you could have it edited into a professional looking DVD that you could send as a sample of your speech to prospective clients.  Perhaps you could take a few clips and turn them into short “tips” that you could send to your subscriber list.  There are many ways that you could use high quality raw video of your speech… but you have to capture it first !  If you would like high quality video of your speech, leave a comment below and we will be in touch to explain more about the process and possibilities that it could open for you !
[note: it would not be fair to the speakers involved to show the “raw, unedited video” of their speeches since we always strive to show our clients in the best possible light… but here are some screen grabs from a recent event which was video’d by gps-SpeakerMarketing.com.]
raw video for speaker videos

Speaker demo videos

Every speaker needs at least one demo video.  Below are some demo videos produced by gps-SpeakerMarketing.com including some that were filmed at our “Motivation Palooza” event where we rent a theater, promote the event so we have a substantial audience and set up ideal video conditions for a number of speakers at one time.  This is an alternative to collecting many “raw videos” so you have enough clips to create an impressive speaker demo video.  Of course we can work with speakers who have combinations of single events & collection of clips by providing editing services or longer term programs which help you fine tune your demo reel for best results.




Intro / Outro for speaker videos

When you are a professional speaker, you quickly learn the importance of having a strong video presence online and how it can boost your speaking business. Shooting video with inexpensive digital cameras may be a simple method for getting your message on video but one of the key tools for professional looking videos is the intro graphics or animations. The sample video below was created for a motivational speaker at a incredibly competitive cost. Leave a comment below if you would like something as dynamic as this as part of your videos.



Screen Capture Videos for speakers

Do you have a Powerpoint presentation that has valuable content but you are not sure how to leverage it or turn it into a product?  gps-SpeakerMarketing can take your presentation and with your voice-over (or someone else using your script), we can turn it into a video that you could sell or send out to your customers.  The ability to turn powerpoint into video is often something that speakers forget to use, especially when they know that a diagram or picture of what’s on a computer screen is what needs to be shown.  Check out the educational Screen Capture video created by gps-SpeakerMarketing as part of our WordPress Blogging for Beginners series.


What type of Speaker Videos do you need?  

Leave a comment below to contact gps-SpeakerMarketing.com (we read all the comments) or contact Dave [at] gps-SpeakerMarketing.com