Thank You for your Deposit !

Thanks for making your deposit for the Speaker Video Day event !

The remainder of your fee will be required prior to the event.  You will receive an email with all the payment details along with the schedule so you can pick your slot.

In the meantime…
Start working on your speeches for the event.  I assume that you have a good amount of material already written, but if you want to bounce ideas off someone, my email address is listed below.

Stage Time…
Keep in mind that your speaking slot will be 1-2 hours and you can do as many “takes” as you want.  To simplify editing, the best “take” will be used so it might not hurt to practice at least a little bit before you get here.

More Questions?  Feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


The rest of the Speaker Video Day team and I look forward to working with you !

Dave Wheeler


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