GPS-Speaker Marketing is set up to serve professional speakers with marketing knowledge so they can grow their speaking business and focus on the speaking part of their business instead of worrying about the marketing.

We also provide extensive knowledge to our clients about the world of successful speaker marketing.  Much of this information is offered on this website for no charge since we believe that once you know what needs to be done, a professional speaker will appreciate having an expert handle the marketing details … which is where GPS-SpeakerMarketing comes in.


The Story of our Logo:

You may notice that our logo forms the letter G (a little bit) but really it looks like a compass.  That is intentional because before there were GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, a compass was a critical tool for determining your direction.

That is also what we strive to be for our clients… a compass that they can count on as they navigate their speaking business through the treacherous and ever-changing waters of today’s business environment.

What does GPS stand for?

While we all know that a GPS is a “Global Positioning System” device, the GPS in our name actually means “Get Paid Speaking” which is what we help speakers do through our Speaker Marketing services.



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