Choosing the Best AutoResponder Service for speakers

Review of the Best AutoResponder Services
for speakers, authors and consultants

When you build your List, the AutoResponder Service you choose is a critical component and here are the pro’s and con’s of three commonly used AutoResponder services… MailChimp, Aweber and Infusionsoft.   Other AutoResponder services are also listed for your consideration and, in the end, you will decide for yourself which one is the best autoresponder service for your business.

“A good AutoResponder Service is one that “does the job” and doesn’t take more time or money away from building your list.  An AutoResponder is a tool, not a goal.” – Dave Wheeler,

Things to consider when choosing the best
AutoResponder Service for your business:

  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Creating One-off Email Broadcasts
  • Ability to Segment or Tag Your List Members so you can tailor what you send
  • Cost per month
  • Cost per list size
  • Cost per # of emails allowed per month



(2K-50K subscribers)

(1) Very inexpensive, especially when starting out.  If you can’t afford $20-40/mo. then MailChimp could be for you.
(2) They originally were limited in capabilities, but they have been improving and have most features you will need (to start).

(1) As your list gets bigger or you want to do more sophisticated things, you may need to upgrade to another source.

Start here.  For most speakers who are beginning to build their list, this is the best autoresponder service.  If you believe me, don’t even bother reading the rest of this article.  Go to  One suggestions: Pay $10/mo. so your emails don’t carry the MailChimp logo.  Get set up and running fast so you can focus on building and engaging with your list.


Aweber autoresponder

(500-25K subscribers)

(1)  Widely used and industry leader.
(2) Improved user interface (when reviewed in 2013)

(1) Approximately $20/mo. to start which is slightly more than MailChimp.  If this slightly higher price doesn’t matter to you, AWeber could be a good choice for you.

Check it out.  If you can get a free month, try setting up a list and see if you like it better than MailChimp.



Infusionsoft autoresponder systemInfusionSoft

(2.5K-10K subscribers)

(1)  Can do almost anything you might need from an AutoResponder Service.
(2) Used by some of the biggest internet marketers and speakers in the industry.

(1) Expensive
(2) It is probably more than most people will need when you are starting out to build a list… unless you are bringing a large list to InfusionSoft or you have very ambitious goals.
(3) You may need to hire an InfusionSoft expert to help you get up the learning curve and set up.

Eventually you want to grow your business to the point where you will want to use InfusionSoft.  The key is to spend time building your list and not let your time be distracted by learning InfusionSoft.



List Wire auto responderOther AutoResponder Services

Notes on other AutoResponder Services listed below:
I have seen online that some people have had success using so they could be worth checking out. is a free autoresponder which seems very easy to use but some have questioned how well it delivers emails.  My concern with any free service is whether or not they will be around long term since you want your list to be safe because it is so important to your business.  You will probably need a shopping cart service to process payments for your website, but I have not heard too many people using as their primary autoresponder service.

Quick Comment: I use for payments and find the email database useful since it captures all the people who actually BUY.  In a way, I use to segment my lists that are kept on other AutoResponder services !

Service                               Pricing***        (subscribers)           $15-250/mo       (1K-50K)                     $10-110/mo       (250-15K)     $20-400/mo     (500-10K)                     $ free                      (no limit listed)        $ 34*-249/mo    (not clearly listed)
* special offer, June 2014

Office AutoPilot ** **
now   $300-600/mo

( *** Pricing reviewed June 2014)


Bottom Line:

The best autoresponder service is the one that meets your current needs and ideally your near term needs.  As your list grows there are definite reasons why you might need to use a different autoreponder service but the information above should help you get started and that is the most important part of list building… getting started.  GO, Start Now !  (and sign up for our email list dedicated to list building, see below).


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