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Create your own … with our media kit checklist

Download our Media kit Checklist (download links below) and create your own Media Kit webpage.


Or you could just hand the checklist to your web developers (assuming he already has all the files that would go into your media kit) and let them take care of it.


The checklist ensures that all the important pieces that you need in your media kit are included and you won’t lose a speaking gig because your potential customer did not have all of your marketing materials easily accessible in one location.

Media Kit Checklist

Download Links:

(left click on link
& choose “Save As”)


Make sure your media kit webpage really works!

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it anyway… All files on your media kit webpage should be downloadable.  It does very little good if visitors to your webpage can see the pictures but not download them.  At this point, you might be asking, “Why should I let everyone download some of my best material? Won’t they just watch my videos and get all my ideas?”  In essence, you WANT people to download as much as possible because the LIVE experience of a speaker is always 100% better than a video. All the materials in your media kit (photos, videos, samples etc.) are the tools that your customers are going to be used to sell THEIR customers, i.e. your potential audience members, on attending your speech, event or appearance.



Possible alternative to a media kit on your website…?

InstantMediaKit.com (IMK) provides a service where they help you build and customize a media kit that is hosted on their site.  The cost for this service would be in addition to whatever you pay for your own website but some speakers might get by starting out with IMK.  Their prices range from 45 to 135 per month (pricing from their website, as of 12-31-12) which seems a bit high but once you consider it as an alternative to your first website, it probably isn’t that bad of a deal.  It certainly puts control of your media kit content into your own hands since you can change it yourself and IMK’s software creates your media kit.
Quick side note:  We noticed that the IMK site is “powered by WordPress” which is the software we use at gps-SpeakerMarketing.com for many of our client websites and it is certainly a great platform.  We assume IMK has customized the basic WordPress software pretty substantially or how would they be able to charge the monthly fees?  We applaud IMK for helping put control of a speaker’s website back in the hands of the person with the biggest vested interest in the speaker’s success… the speaker themselves.


Media Kit Examples:

The following may not use all the items shown in the gps-SpeakerMarketing.com Media Kit Checklist, but they are nonetheless good examples of functional media kits used by successful professional speakers…


Darren LaCroix

Darren has a fairly limited “media kit” which he calls his “event planner tools” but still a good example for other speakers.


Jim Snack

Jim’s media kit page is also very simple but it covers the basics nicely.


Mark Victor Hansen

Mark is the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and fairly famous. He also uses InstantMediaKit.com for his media kit which means that it is fairly comprehensive. The downside? Many of the items shown as tabs on his media kit page require a password to access. Either they do not exist or he is limiting access … either way it would be frustrating for me if I was an event planner.

Media Kit Development Tips:


Your Feedback is important !

Let us know how your media kit webpage turned out by leaving a comment below!

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