How to Build the Ultimate Speaker Media Kit

Media Kit ChecklistWhat is in a Speaker’s Media Kit?


A well designed media kit consists of the images, text and marketing materials that potential customers want to see before they hire you as well as the materials / files that they expect they will need after they hire you to speak at their event.  Event coordinators and meeting planners like to see that you have marketing materials that they can simply “plug in” to their event promotion efforts.  If they can find those materials in your media kit it will help your chances of being hired to speak.


Online vs. Hard-copy media kits?

Online is by far the best way to go.  It is much faster than trying to mail or even fax something to a prospective customer.  (Are there still faxes out there?)  Having an online media kit is also simpler for your prospective customer because some companies have restricted employees from using media from their company due to the risk of computer viruses.  If you mail them a CD, it is very likely that they would have to throw it away … whereas the safeguards built into websites bypasses much of that and makes it simpler for your customer to review your materials.


Want to be different?  
That would be one advantage of printed marketing materials.  With most speakers moving toward online media kits, you would be different with a printed media kit.  We know of one speaker who created a bound book as a marketing piece that he sends to prospective customers.  It is expensive (and he probably has online media kit materials too), but it certainly separates him from nearly all other speakers.  (And he charges quite a bit too so he can afford to send out the printed materials… did we mention that it is less expensive for the speaker to put their marketing materials online?)


Would you like a media kit template?

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