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How Important is Graphic Design for Professional Speakers?

As a professional speaker, your image is shaped by everything that your prospects, customers and audiences see and hear from you.  The graphic design of your marketing and promotional materials are a key part of your overall image.  GPS-SpeakerMarketing can create help you create professional looking brochures, flyers, business cards, post cards, banners and more.

The Moment of Truth for your next speaking gig…

What is your first point of contact with a prospective customer?  If it is via Word-of-Mouth and you get a glowing recommendation from someone who has heard you speak, then the next logical step someone would do is check you out for themselves.  How?  Online, of course.  Is your name easily recognizable, memorable and simple to spell correctly?  John Smith might be easy to spell but will it be memorable?  If you have a more unusual name, it might be memorable but will they spell it correctly when they search for you online?  In either case, you need to make sure your website is set up so that you appear near the top of the search rankings, otherwise the odds of your prospect finding you drop to almost zero.

Graphic Design for your Website.  Your 1st impression.

There are many graphical design elements that go into a visually pleasing as well as a highly functional professional speaker’s website.  at we not only handle the graphics needed to make your site look good, we use tools behind the scenes to make sure your site is set up correctly to give you the best chance to compete for a top spot in the search engines.

Is there still a spot for printed Promo Materials in today’s online world?

What if the person who referred you to someone else had something with your name and web address printed onto it?  Maybe something as simple as a business card?  Or maybe a brochure or a speaker “one-sheet”?  Even a postcard or handout could be passed along and ensure that your prospects find your webpage and are able to book you to speak.  Clearly, there are many uses for printed material, even in today’s online, electronic world.  The key is to make sure that your materials reflect the high quality of your speeches.  You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression and the way that your graphics are designed provide visual cues to the type of speaker you are.

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You deserve the best !

There are loads of artistic people out there who call themselves “graphic designers”.  But, don’t you have to ask yourself, “Do I want someone who can draw a nice picture, or do I want a skilled artist who also understands how to market a speaker?”  Hiring a firm that can provide Graphic Design while also helping you to strategically market your speaking business is the key to long-term success.


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