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What are the “3 Keys of Graphic Design for a Professional Speaker’s business?

There are three main considerations when you hire graphic design professionals such as those at gps-SpeakerMarketing.com to help you with your marketing materials and positioning.  The three key elements that need to be addressed and coordinated as part of your graphic design project(s) are your Color Palette, Branding and Speaker’s Theme.


Color Palette

The Color Palette, or set of colors, used for your website or marketing materials can create an emotional reaction when viewed.  Bright reds and yellows increase excitement.  Blues and greens are more tranquil while stark black & white can be cold or even dull, depending on how it used.  What feeling are you trying to create for your customers?  It is important to select your colors carefully to make sure they give the signal(s) you want and do not turn off potential customers.  This is one area where it can be extremely helpful to have a graphic design professional by your side so you can leverage their years of working with colors across a wide range of speaker businesses.



Branding is the second consideration that goes into your graphic design.  Branding is the overall perspective and includes all the elements of your marketing action plan.  It makes sense to coordinate the graphic elements across all your various marketing tools, e.g. your website, business cards, banners, etc., so that they all have a similar “look & feel”.  This way, when someone sees one of your marketing pieces, they will recognize your brand when they see it again.  This creates a stronger impression than if you have a “hodge-podge” of dissimilar visual elements.


Speaker’s Theme

The Theme of your speaking business is the final consideration of the three and it is probably the most critical.  What “visual icons” will you be using in all your presentations?  If you are a “new age” speaker, maybe the icon is “water” and you teach audiences to “go with the flow”.  Do you have a “catch-phrase” that you use at the end of all your speeches?  That should also be in line with the theme of your speaker business and a good graphic designer will want to make sure they clearly understand your speaking theme before they begin working on any graphic design work for you.


Graphic Design for Speakers comes down to…

Who is the right Graphic Designer for your business?  There are many options when it comes to Graphic Design projects.

You might place an ad on Craigslist and wade through an avalanche of resumes to hire some student in the art program at a local college.  You might even get lucky and maybe they are a talented artist.  But how much do they know about marketing a speaking business?

Graphic Design is an integral part of your overall marketing plan and unless you have an extensive marketing background, it just makes sense to hire a firm that is focused on Speaker Marketing, right?  Even if you are very familiar with marketing, as many gps-SpeakerMarketing.com clients are, doesn’t it make sense to work with the best?  Someone who knows your business and can help you avoid the pitfalls and traps that other speakers encounter.


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