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gps-Speaker Online Business System

For a professional speaker, “just any old website” won’t produce the results that is needed for long term success and profits.  A speaker needs a true “Online Business System” to leverage the latest technology and access as many business opportunities as possible.

At we have spent literally thousands of dollars studying the systems and methods of some of the most successful internet millionaires.  We have then adapted the insights from those experts and tailored them so they will work for a speaker’s online business.


What is an Online Business System for Speakers?

An Online Business System4Speakers ™ is more than just a website.  It includes the following components, many of which go well beyond the creation of a website and help establish a speaker’s overall “Web Presence” online:Online Business System for Speakers

  • List building Tools
  • Media Kit
  • SEO Friendly framework
  • Blog
  • Graphic Design (as needed)
    ( is a full-service marketing & design company for speakers)
  • Products / Programs page(s)
  • About / 1-sheet
  • Article Marketing Services
  • Link Building Campaign
  • Social Media Integration
  • And Much More !


Internet Marketing for Speakers Training:

Internet Marketing 4 Speakers TrainingIn addition, every Online Business System speaker client of has access to our “Internet Marketing for Speakers (IM4S) ™” training at some point in the development of their online presence.  IM4S includes the following “speaker-specific” training modules/topics:

  • Keyword Research & Selection – including’s proprietary Keyword Prioritization Algorithm spreadsheet to help determine which keyword or keyword phrase(s) you want to dominate for your business.
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Traffic Building Basics
  • Video Creation & Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Website Management Training
  • Paid Promotion Sources
  • Outsourcing for Productivity

IM4S is offered in two formats.  The IM4S-LIVE event is scheduled at least once a year while the IM4S online training starts at least twice a year and includes training videos as well as educational materials such as checklists and action guides.  Group conference calls are part of both formats and run every week or two for up to 8 weeks.


How Much Does it Cost?

gps-Speaker Online Business System ™

$ 10,000.00 USD

This is typically paid upfront but it can also be paid over four months at $4K-2K-2K-2K.  The Add-to-Cart button above is for the one-payment plan.  If you want to spread the payments over four months, leave a comment below and we will send you a link to pay.

Additional services, such as development of secondary marketing materials such as a stand-up banner, business cards or brochures are provided to Business System clients at a reduced rate.


Internet Marketing for Speakers (IM4S) ™

$ 2995.00 USD

This is typically paid upfront but it can also be paid over four months at $2K-1K-1K for a total of $4K.


What if I want a “Do-it-Yourself” option?

We recommend purchasing the IM4S Training since all the activities that are done for you as part of the Online Business System are explained in that training.  Depending on your expertise, you may also hire to do certain services for you such as Secondary Article Creation & Distribution or Graphic Design of your one-Sheet or other marketing materials.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond either via email or on this page, whichever is appropriate.  We look forward to working with you to build your gps-Speaker Online Business System!


Ultimate Media Kit – p.2

Create your own … with our media kit checklist

Download our Media kit Checklist (download links below) and create your own Media Kit webpage.


Or you could just hand the checklist to your web developers (assuming he already has all the files that would go into your media kit) and let them take care of it.


The checklist ensures that all the important pieces that you need in your media kit are included and you won’t lose a speaking gig because your potential customer did not have all of your marketing materials easily accessible in one location.

Media Kit Checklist

Download Links:

(left click on link
& choose “Save As”)


Make sure your media kit webpage really works!

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it anyway… All files on your media kit webpage should be downloadable.  It does very little good if visitors to your webpage can see the pictures but not download them.  At this point, you might be asking, “Why should I let everyone download some of my best material? Won’t they just watch my videos and get all my ideas?”  In essence, you WANT people to download as much as possible because the LIVE experience of a speaker is always 100% better than a video. All the materials in your media kit (photos, videos, samples etc.) are the tools that your customers are going to be used to sell THEIR customers, i.e. your potential audience members, on attending your speech, event or appearance.



Possible alternative to a media kit on your website…? (IMK) provides a service where they help you build and customize a media kit that is hosted on their site.  The cost for this service would be in addition to whatever you pay for your own website but some speakers might get by starting out with IMK.  Their prices range from 45 to 135 per month (pricing from their website, as of 12-31-12) which seems a bit high but once you consider it as an alternative to your first website, it probably isn’t that bad of a deal.  It certainly puts control of your media kit content into your own hands since you can change it yourself and IMK’s software creates your media kit.
Quick side note:  We noticed that the IMK site is “powered by WordPress” which is the software we use at for many of our client websites and it is certainly a great platform.  We assume IMK has customized the basic WordPress software pretty substantially or how would they be able to charge the monthly fees?  We applaud IMK for helping put control of a speaker’s website back in the hands of the person with the biggest vested interest in the speaker’s success… the speaker themselves.


Media Kit Examples:

The following may not use all the items shown in the Media Kit Checklist, but they are nonetheless good examples of functional media kits used by successful professional speakers…


Darren LaCroix
Darren has a fairly limited “media kit” which he calls his “event planner tools” but still a good example for other speakers.


Jim Snack
Jim’s media kit page is also very simple but it covers the basics nicely.


Mark Victor Hansen
Mark is the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and fairly famous. He also uses for his media kit which means that it is fairly comprehensive. The downside? Many of the items shown as tabs on his media kit page require a password to access. Either they do not exist or he is limiting access … either way it would be frustrating for me if I was an event planner.

Media Kit Development Tips:


Your Feedback is important !

Let us know how your media kit webpage turned out by leaving a comment below!

If you missed page 1 of this article click here…”Ultimate Media Kit – p.1


How to Build the Ultimate Speaker Media Kit

Media Kit ChecklistWhat is in a Speaker’s Media Kit?


A well designed media kit consists of the images, text and marketing materials that potential customers want to see before they hire you as well as the materials / files that they expect they will need after they hire you to speak at their event.  Event coordinators and meeting planners like to see that you have marketing materials that they can simply “plug in” to their event promotion efforts.  If they can find those materials in your media kit it will help your chances of being hired to speak.


Online vs. Hard-copy media kits?

Online is by far the best way to go.  It is much faster than trying to mail or even fax something to a prospective customer.  (Are there still faxes out there?)  Having an online media kit is also simpler for your prospective customer because some companies have restricted employees from using media from their company due to the risk of computer viruses.  If you mail them a CD, it is very likely that they would have to throw it away … whereas the safeguards built into websites bypasses much of that and makes it simpler for your customer to review your materials.


Want to be different?  
That would be one advantage of printed marketing materials.  With most speakers moving toward online media kits, you would be different with a printed media kit.  We know of one speaker who created a bound book as a marketing piece that he sends to prospective customers.  It is expensive (and he probably has online media kit materials too), but it certainly separates him from nearly all other speakers.  (And he charges quite a bit too so he can afford to send out the printed materials… did we mention that it is less expensive for the speaker to put their marketing materials online?)


Would you like a media kit template?

Click on the link below to go to page 2 of this article and download your media kit checklist !

Continued on Page 2 – Ultimate Media Kit

Page 2 includes the link to download your Media Kit Checklist


Speaker Resource –

BrandYourself-onlineVisibilityOnline Visibility Booster:

The founders of the online visibility & reputation management site started with the belief that people should be able to control their own online reputation, without spending thousands on an online reputation company.  If you check out their “About” page, you will see a story about how one of the founders missed out on a job because a Google search by a potential employer mistook him for a drug dealer with the same name.  Clearly, if you have a common name (and even if you don’t), it is a good idea to be aware of your online reputation and search results.


Why is Online Visibility important for speaker?

This is especially useful for speakers for three reasons. First, your online reputation is important and potential customers will certainly search for your name (once they have heard about you and know your name).

Second, signing up for an account and building your profile helps increase the number of incoming links to your website(s). This can help promote your other sites within searches as well.

Finally, it is free (as of the last time we checked in Feb.2013). Why wouldn’t you sign up and go through their step-by-step process of increasing your online visibility? Want an added bonus? They send you regular updates via email telling you how you are doing and what you can do to improve your online visibility. Check it out at !


Don’t fall into the trap !

Just because is set up to help you make sure your name shows up accurately in search results, don’t fall into the trap of putting all your online visibility “eggs” into a single ego-driven URL based on your name.

Why?  Because if someone has not yet heard of you, they won’t be searching for your name and the words in the URL figure into the search results.

What would be better?  At a minimum, you should have at least one or two of your best keywords in your URL.  For example, is better than


Don’t feel bad if you already did it…

Almost every speaker purchases the URL with their name and in the long run, there will be some value in having it.  The thing to remember is, if you are not going to build a subject-driven website with a keyword-rich URL you need to be sure that you know what keywords you are targeting and you build them into all of the content (text) on your website & blog.  For more about how to do this, sign up for our mailing list to get access to our member-only training page.  >>>


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