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The founders of the online visibility & reputation management site www.BrandYourself.com started with the belief that people should be able to control their own online reputation, without spending thousands on an online reputation company.  If you check out their “About” page, you will see a story about how one of the founders missed out on a job because a Google search by a potential employer mistook him for a drug dealer with the same name.  Clearly, if you have a common name (and even if you don’t), it is a good idea to be aware of your online reputation and search results.


Why is Online Visibility important for speaker?

This is especially useful for speakers for three reasons. First, your online reputation is important and potential customers will certainly search for your name (once they have heard about you and know your name).

Second, signing up for an account and building your profile helps increase the number of incoming links to your website(s). This can help promote your other sites within searches as well.

Finally, it is free (as of the last time we checked in Feb.2013). Why wouldn’t you sign up and go through their step-by-step process of increasing your online visibility? Want an added bonus? They send you regular updates via email telling you how you are doing and what you can do to improve your online visibility. Check it out at www.BrandYourself.com !


Don’t fall into the trap !

Just because BrandYourself.com is set up to help you make sure your name shows up accurately in search results, don’t fall into the trap of putting all your online visibility “eggs” into a single ego-driven URL based on your name.

Why?  Because if someone has not yet heard of you, they won’t be searching for your name and the words in the URL figure into the search results.

What would be better?  At a minimum, you should have at least one or two of your best keywords in your URL.  For example, www.KeynoteSpeakerJohnSmith.com is better than www.JohnSmith.com.


Don’t feel bad if you already did it…

Almost every speaker purchases the URL with their name and in the long run, there will be some value in having it.  The thing to remember is, if you are not going to build a subject-driven website with a keyword-rich URL you need to be sure that you know what keywords you are targeting and you build them into all of the content (text) on your website & blog.  For more about how to do this, sign up for our mailing list to get access to our member-only training page.  >>>


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