Webcam Secrets for Speakers

As a speaker, you will inevitably be part of a video conference via Google Hangouts or maybe Skype or even as part of a webinar that you are hosting and it is important to look your best. When the webcam is on, you are ON STAGE and there are some important webcam secrets that you should be aware of.

What does the camera see?

First, you need to look your best so, men, make sure you have shaved, cleaned up as if you are going on stage, because you are. Ladies, you might not need to shave but I’m sure there are many other things you need to do if you are going to make yourself “presentable”.

Second, don’t forget your clothing. The webcam might only see your top half but you will want to wear pants too. Why? Because if you are wearing a tie with shorts, there will come a time when you will need to stand up to get a document or turn something off. Plus, you will feel more professional when you are fully clothed !

Speaking of clothing, you will come off better if you have solid colors instead of noisy patterns.  The actual colors and what them mean would take another whole article to explain so you might want to sign up for our email list so you will be notified when it comes out!

Finally, consider your background. Most webcam programs will show you what you look like on camera so you should consider where you are sitting and what is behind you. If your dirty laundry is spread out behind you, it won’t help you sell your organizational services (or much else).

The webcam secrets in the video below expand on these ideas and offer some additional ones related to lighting.


Did these webcam secrets give you any ideas?  They are the basics that you need to consider when you are using your webcam.  For additional tips on these types of videos and much more, be sure to sign up for our free VIP newsletter in the right margin.

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