Speaker Demo Reel Video – Thoughts from Croix Sather

Why Professional Speaker Demo Reels are SO Important

by Croix Sather

Hey, Croix Sather here …

It was going to be my first paid gig. They said, “You’ve come highly recommended, but we need to see a video of you on the stage.”

When I first started out as a “professional speaker” I didn’t have any video clips. I had some video footage taken with a hokey home video cam, but I was too embarrassed to show it. It was so far back you couldn’t see me and the sound was horrible. Then another video was so shakey from when I asked my friend to hold the camera.

I didn’t get that speaking gig. Without seeing a demo reel they weren’t willing to hire me. And this was only a $300 paid gig. So what are your chances of getting a $1, 2, 3, $4,000 or more paid event if you don’t have a professional demo reel?

I learned early on to get a professional demo reel. And I am always making it better as I get on better and better stages. And you should too. Here is the one I am currently using ….

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker

If you are serious about getting more speaking events
If you want to get paid or get paid more


Imagine how it will feel when you have a professional reel and you can proudly and confidently say, “This is my demo reel with some of my speaking highlights” and send them to your website.

But, getting a demo reel is a lot of work.
You need to have a stage, an audience, a film crew, a sound crew, editing team, intro/outro graphics expert, and most important you have to know how to do it so it looks professional and awesome.

This can cost you a small fortune. Over the years, I paid thousands and thousands bringing in film crews and having video edited. One time I paid over $500 to do a demo reel in a studio with no audience, no stage, and a fake background. It was garbage. It wasn’t real and felt awkward. Another time I went to a paid speaking event with my film and sound crew, paid them over $1,000 but the stage was ugly and I couldn’t use the footage – A waste of money. Another time I hired a new film crew and the video they shot was so amateur. Ugggh! So, I have had my share of “learning experiences” that have cost me tons of money down the drain.

What if you could get a professional demo reel with:

  • Professional videographer (the only guy I will use, I fly him around the country with me)
  • Professional sound recording
  • Professional raised stage (classic New England architectural theater style)
  • Live audience (with audience shots in your reel)
  • Professional editing that looks amazing
  • Professional video intro graphics
  • Ready-to-use format for youtube and playing on your computer.

AND it’s in HD quality.
BAM! How can you beat that?

This could cost you $1,000s (it has for me in the past) and it would be worth it.

Here are some real world costs if you did this on your own:
$500+ for Videographer
$300 sound technician
$3-900 for editing
$4-800 stage/room rental
$200 for intro/outro graphics
That’s $1,700 or more and you still have to promote and fill the room with a live audience

As I write this, I can feel my frustration from all the time and energy I spent to get a professional demo reel. Can you feel it too? I want to save you the mistakes and money I spent to get started as a professional speaker.

What if you could get all this for a fraction of the cost?
I know how frustrated you are about getting a professional demo reel. I was too until I figured it out. I think this is why so many professionals have crappy speaker reels. It is hard to do.

So I teamed up with Heather, Dave and Nana to put together an event that will get you a professional demo reel that you can be proud of. And it won’t cost you thousands like it did for me.

It’s called Connecticut Speaker Showcase
In the afternoon we will shoot video while you present segments of your best speaking. The afternoon audience will be your fellow speakers making their demo reels. It will be a relaxed and fun atmosphere so you look fab!

In the evening we will have a 2-hour Motivation event for a LIVE audience. You will get an additional 5 minutes to speak in front of a live audience. You become part of the “Motivation Palooza” Speaker line-up http://www.motivationpalooza.com/ . And you get to share the stage with me, Croix Sather, the guy who Ran Across America. I am closing the night with my short keynote.

Even better, the ticket sales (what the audience pays to watch you) from the evening event support the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. A professional demo reel and we are giving back at the same time. How awesome is that?

It won’t cost you thousands that it would easily cost you if you did this on your own.
The Speaker Showcase Regular price is $675
[as of 2012… pricing may change for future events]

There are ONLY a limited number of Speaker slots left in this intimate event.

Where else can you get an awesome professional demo reel for that?

Because of time limitations, once the last spots are gone, they are gone.

How much is it costing you in money and lost speaking gigs for not having a fabulous demo reel? Even if you have a mediocre demo reel, it needs to be better. If you have a demo reel but it needs to be updated, this is perfect for you too.

This event probably won’t happen again for another year. Sign up now, or you will have to go another year without a professional reel and putting your speaking dreams on hold.

To your success!!

Croix Sather
Inspirational Run Across America Speaker

Sign up now!

[This was for 2012 event… sign up for our mailing list to learn about  future events]

2012 Speaker Demo Reel Event:

Connecticut Speaker Showcase 2012
Palace Theater, Danbury Connecticut
August 9, 2012 from 3-9pm



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