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If you get to this page, it means that you have entered your name & email address so can provide you with a free application / evaluation / survey of your speaking business and where you are relative to being The Next Million Dollar Speaker.

The good news?  There are probably thousands or even millions of other speakers out there who dream of being The Next Million Dollar Speaker but there is one big difference between them and you…

… most of them did not take the first step and sign up to get the application for an evaluation of your speaking business by’.  This shows that you are willing to take action to realize your dreams which is an attribute that will serve you well on your journey to become The Next Million Dollar Speaker !

When do I get the application/survey?

Since you signed up and gave us your email address, you can expect to see the actual application/survey in an email to you very shortly.  If you don’ see it in the next couple hours, please send an email to and one way or another we will get you an email with the application.  (Please check your “Spam” folder first before sending us an email.)

Once you get the application all you need to do is “Hit Reply” and edit our email to fill in your answers to the questions.  Depending on how many applicants we get on a particular day, it may take as little as a few hours for us to respond or, if we are really swamped after one of Dave’s speeches, it could take a few days to get back to everyone who applies.

We look forward to working with you !

Dave Wheeler




You might have some questions, so we have gathered some of the most common questions and provided answers below.


Is there any cost for the application / Million Dollar Speaker consultation?

No.  There is no cost for the application or the initial consultation that will provide as feedback on your application.  Even if you decide that you want to strike out on your own and don’t need help from, all the information we provide you as part of the application process or the speeches made by Dave Wheeler are all yours to keep.  We want to earn your business and as you probably heard, our goal is to help make one of our clients “The Next Million Dollar Speaker”.  We hope it is going to be you!


Will applicants appear on a
“Next Million Dollar Speaker” reality TV show
like “The Apprentice” or “The Last Comic Standing”?

At this point, NO.  The application is simply to identify speakers that have the ambition (and some of the skills) so that can help grow their speaking business.  If a reality show comes out of this process, well… we will have to take that as it comes but know that it is not our intention to promote this process or the speakers involved to turn it into a reality show.  The speaking business alone is plenty entertaining for us !


What will do for me as a speaker?
What will it cost?

You can check out the services and training that offers by exploring our website but since each speaker is at a different point in the development of their speaking business we tend to custom tailor solutions to your particular situation.  The costs for many of our services are posted online and before any charge is made, we make sure that both you, our customer, and know what is expected.  We want you to be successful as a speaker and happy as our customer.


Any other questions?

Just leave a comment on this page and we will reply either directly via email or on this page so that others can benefit from the answer.

We look forward to working with you !

Dave Wheeler is looking for “The Next Million Dollar Speaker”.


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