Internet Marketing 4 Speakers – LIVE

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Internet Marketing 4 Speakers – LIVE

The Internet Marketing 4 Speakers (IM4S) programs were created by because professional speakers are ideally suited to make money using the internet but few have the expertise required to build a successful web-based business with multiple sources of cash flow.

If you are a professional speaker, or someone who wants to make money as a speaker, you need to consider what attending this upcoming live event can do for you.

Most professional speakers are not internet experts and, as such, they are rarely able to leverage the amazing power of the internet to grow their speaking and writing business.  Even worse, it is a common mistake to throw money at internet marketing vendors who claim they can “get you at the top of the rankings” or “improve your search engine optimization” without understanding your business goals as a speaker, author or educator. is different.  We understand the business needs of speakers and have developed tools to help you learn what you need to make effective decisions when it comes to your internet marketing programs and your website.

What you will learn at
Internet Marketing 4 Speakers – LIVE:

  • How to grow your speaking business using the power of the internet
  • The strong foundation you absolutely require before you can begin to develop a strong web presence or brand online.
  • An understanding of the leading Internet Marketing for Speakers buzzwords and jargon so you will be able to talk intelligently with internet vendors (and not get taken advantage of).
  • How to create and maintain a strong customer list that can provide long term cash flows from multiple sources
  • Proven techniques to ensure your website is seen by more potential customers.


What you get when you sign up for
Internet Marketing 4 Speakers – LIVE:

  • Two half days (4 hours each) of Live, In-person training with Dave Wheeler, internet marketing expert, where you will learn valuable information with the added bonus of being able to ask questions and solve your particular internet marketing challenges on the spot.
  • All participants get a copy of the video recording of the event so you can refer to it over and over as needed.
  • 8 weeks worth of followup conference calls to help make sure you successfully implement the ideas presented in the workshop
  • Unlimited email access for questions during the 8 week follow-up process.
  • Free samples of Internet Marketing Services offered by  These services include creation of inbound links, submission of your website or a specific web page to directories and more.
  • BONUS # 1 (for signing up to get on our email list)… The IM4S Fast Start Formula spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet includes links to private instructional videos, a Strategic Content Planning sheet, the Website Startup Checklist and our proprietary Wheeler Internet Number (WIN) Keyword Prioritization Algorithm which will help identify which keyword(s) should be “on the top of your list”.
  • BONUS # 2 – As soon as you sign up, you will be given a link to the IM4S Pre-Workshop Checklist.  This includes all the websites and services we will be using to make you successful.  The checklist will make it easy for you to find the best providers for your website.  Various options and direct links to websites are provided.


About Your Instructor,
Dave Wheeler, MBA, DTM

Dave studied Internet Marketing with some of the biggest names in the business include Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern and others.  His expertise includes Keyword Research, List Building, Article Marketing, SEO, Website Optimization and WordPress customization.  Don’t worry if those terms don’t mean much to you right now … that’s what is covered in the IM4S training !

Dave’s Internet Story… The concept for Dave’s first internet-based venture was praised by everyone who heard about it but in it’s first year still failed to achieve the “critical mass” needed to develop into a thriving new online entity.  This drove Dave to reach out to the leading internet experts who were making millions of dollars online and learn what they were doing to drive traffic and customers to their websites.  He also learned how important it is to have a proven system or framework that you can apply to your own online business.

After attending multiple mastermind sessions with top internet marketing industry leaders, Dave leveraged his own speaking career as well as the connections he had made as part of the Toastmasters organization, to create a series of websites geared toward making speakers successful at marketing their speeches.  Besides, he also created the site to support the event he co-produced.  Using the techniques he will teach you in IM4S, Dave was able to get a Page Rank of 3 for the site in less than a month and leverage the email lists of other partners even before he developed a list of his own.  Of course, Page Rank is just one parameter that measures a site’s “importance” to search engines and it will be explained as part of the Internet Marketing 4 Speakers workshop.

Date / Time:

Dates for upcoming LIVE events will be announced to our email list.  Be sure to sign up now !

There are typically two sessions.  The first Session is held  Saturday, 9am-1pm and the second Session on the following Saturday, 9am-1pm.

Important Note #1:  
These LIVE In-person Internet Marketing 4 Speakers events by are not held often so you will want to sign up for the newsletter (see the Member Access Signup in the right column) !


Important Note #2:
This LIVE workshop is limited to less than 20 people to provide personal attention for each attendee which means “Limited Spots available”

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