5 Star Goal Setting and Getting

Dave Wheeler of gps-SpeakerMarketing.comMost people are either bored by goal setting and have “heard it all before” or they are new to goal setting so they are wondering if it really works.  Which camp are you in?  Bored or New?

Guess what… it doesn’t matter because if you read the rest of this article you will learn how to take the excitement you got when you got a gold star on your homework back in grade school with a simple, easy-to-follow process for achieving real-life results.  Are you ready?  Let’s go !


d.Mark Wheeler’s
5 Star Goal Setting (and Goal-Getting) Game

We call it a game even though it could also be called a “process” because a game sounds more fun than a process.  Life is too short to not have fun while being productive, don’t you think?


You may already be a winner !

goal setting - 5 star circleI like to say there are two approaches to life… winners and whiners.  Which are you?  If you have a positive attitude and believe anything is possible, you will be a winner.  It doesn’t matter where you start, you will win.  If all you do is complain about what’s wrong in your life, that’s all you will ever get.  Whiners never win … so think twice before complaining about your lack of goal setting / getting in your life.

Now that we have addressed the right attitude, let’s see where you are within the 5 Star (or 5 Step) Goal Setting process.  Each of the questions below are designed to determine which level you are at within d.Mark Wheeler’s 5 Star Goal Setting & Getting game.  Another way to look at it is “How many stars you have earned already?”.  (More about the stars later.)

The first star …
a well defined GOAL

goal-setting-goalDo you currently have a clearly defined goal?  Can you describe it in 10 words or less?  If you can describe it concisely, the odds are you are clearer on the goal than if you have to use a page to describe it.  Maybe you have multiple goals and are spread too thin.  What is your number one goal?  Is it written down somewhere that you will see it every day?  (Now might be a good time to download the dMark Wheeler’s pdf handout for 5 Star Goal Setting & Getting.)


The second star …
a PLAN to reach your goal

Goal Setting Star 2 planDo you have a PLAN with detailed steps to take your from where you are all the way to the achievement of your goal?  What are the next 3 steps?  When are you going to achieve them?  A plan without the time element is like boats floating in the ocean.  They are unlikely to go anywhere that you want.  They will be taken by the tide or existing currents and unless you take control of your own destiny, you will dragged along with someone else’s goals (which may not be much fun for you).


The third star…
clearly set PRIORITIES

GoalSetting-Star3-prioritiesDo you set (and work to) a clear set of priorities?  Steven Covey in his classic book, “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People” gave us the idea of working “First things First”.  In other words, putting your effort towards the activities that are the most important while leaving lower priorities to later (or never) will help you make progress toward your goals and reduce the temptation of “feeling busy” without actually achieving your goals.


The fourth star …

Goal Setting Star 4Have you overcome an obstacle related to your plan in the past 30 days?  What was it?  What did you change to overcome this obstacle?  The reason this is part of the Goal Setting & Getting Game is that nearly every worthwhile goal involves overcoming something.  If there is no challenge to the goal, then how valuable is it?  If you are just starting out with goals, perhaps the only obstacle you face is following the process but as you get better at goal setting (and getting) you will certainly try for bigger and more audacious goals.  In the book, “Built To Last” by Jerry Poiras & Jim Collins, they talk about how the best, most successful companies set BHAGS… “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” that inspire them to strive to achieve them and overcome obstacles.

Obstacles are only obstacles if you let them stop you.  If you find a way around, under, over or through them, they are called “Stepping Stones”, Milestones or merely “Stumbling Blocks”.  Remember… it is OK to stumble as long as you get up and never give up.

The skills you develop by overcoming obstacles will help you overcome other obstacles down the road.  You get better by facing and embracing your challenges, not avoiding them by quitting.


5star-StepUp-Goal SettingThe fifth star …
Step Up !

You achieved your goal.  Now what?  Set a new, bigger, more impressive goal.  Step up to a new challenge and use the confidence and skills you earned from your previous goal to take on another, higher goal.  Maybe you can do it faster… or cheaper … or make more money.  The choice is yours.  Celebrate your success but don’t get stuck on it.  You grow based on the goals you set for yourself so set a new goal.

The process (or game) never ends.  Enjoy the journey and keep on climbing.  The view from one peak will show you the next one for you to conquer.


Now that you understand the
5 Star Goal Setting & Getting Game …

Where do you stand?

Are you at the beginning where you haven’t really decided on a goal?  Or do you have a goal but not a plan?  (Star 2)  Maybe you have a goal & a plan, but you are not working your priorities (Star 3).  Or do you have all that but are stuck because of an obstacle in your path?  (Star 4)   Maybe you are great at goal setting and goal getting but have you challenged yourself to a new level of achievement? (Star 5)  Think of it as a game… and give yourself the stars that you deserve while earning more stars with every goal.  Leave a comment below to tell the world how many stars you have !  Your story could inspire someone else to become a 5 Star Winner too !


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