Copywriting Secrets 2 Guarantee Success

With today’s highly competitive, limited-attention-span business environment, your copywriting skills, as shown both online and with printed marketing materials, have become even more important to the success of your speaking business.  Follow the copywriting secrets below and you will be guaranteed success !

Copywriting Secrets Today…

The secret to successful copywriting today is very much like what it has been for year… just slightly twisted.  The key is to match your style of writing to the needs of your reader, regardless of the format (online, flyer or other text).  Some readers prefer a short sales piece with lots of white space while others prefer a long and detailed description. Which type of reader do you want to address?

The 2 kinds of readers or “prospective buyers” are …

The Impatient Reader
This is the kind of “Type A” person that wants it “right now” and not willing to wade through lots of details to get it. Typically, he will skim the headlines and sub-headings, look at the photos and captions, and make a quick decision regarding whether they will take action or not.  More readers fall into this category today than ever before.

The Analyzing Reader
These readers believe that “the proof is in the details”. They’ll read everything… including the fine print before they decide.  They want as much information as possible and may even delay taking action if they do not get the information (or amount of information) that they feel they need.

Successful copywriting addresses the needs of both types of readers… regardless of length or format.


How to write for either type of reader ….


The Impatient Reader

1. Include attention-getting bold headlines and sub-headlines.
2. Capitalize Graphics that enhance your message…
* Add related Photos (“a picture can be worth a thousand words”)
* Be sure to include Captions (in case your pictures aren’t up to the “thousand words”)
* Vary fonts and font sizes to add interest
* Shade areas to block / group related topics
* Highlight important text
* Add Lists or bullets to organize information into groups


The Analyzing Reader

1. Use the bold headlines, sub-topics, and graphics you created for the Impatient Reader as a guideline. Add greater depth of information and details that the Analyzing Reader wants.  Be sure to place the information under the appropriate headings, and you’ve got a winning formula for a successful marketing piece.  The Analyzing Reader is also more likely to read through to the last line of a paragraph … and since you are reading this, perhaps you have a little bit of Analyzing Reader in you too !


The Good News

By now, you may have noticed that the needs of the Impatient Reader and the Analyzing Reader overlap.  As a copywriter, this works in your favor and you are able to appeal to multiple types of readers without writing two completely different pieces.


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