Speaker Marketing is…

Speaker Marketing Worldwide…making you successful.
        (It is what we do.)

You want to grow your speaking business and GPS Speaker Marketing Services is your one-stop shop for “Speaker-specific Marketing”.  Speakers have special needs that many other businesses do not when it comes to marketing and growing their business.  By specializing and serving speakers, we are able to do a better job for our clients.

Making the best professional speakers even better…

We believe that the best speakers are the ones who focus on their speeches … their content, delivery and connection with the audience… and it is the job of GPS Speaker Marketing to do the other tasks that are required for a successful speaking business.  Think of it this way… your business is like a car.  GPS Speaker Marketing can help your car run better or we can give you a completely different car, but it is up to YOU, the speaker, to put in the gas and get behind the steering wheel.

What do you need to improve your image and appear more professional either on-stage or off?  Whether it is your business card, a brochure or even a professionally edited demonstration video, GPS Speaker Marketing is here to help.

What is “Speaker Marketing”, really?

That is an excellent question and one that even some people who went to school for “marketing” have a hard time answering.  Here at GPS Speaker Marketing, we don’t have any difficulty in answering that question… “Marketing is the specific actions that result in greater business for you”.  If it does not immediately result in more business, does that mean that it is not Marketing?  Yes & No.  First and foremost, we like to work with clients to focus on the things that are going to have the greatest immediate impact on their bottom line.  On the other hand, there are other activities that provide longer term value to your business which our clients still want to have us perform such as the building of their brand image and online presence.

Want to know more about Speaker Marketing?

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